"Shape itself is a language, an emotional vernacular that everybody understands.  Our world is made up of shapes.   We give them meaning and even profoundly when we hold a child, when we walk in the woods, when we swim in water - and when we pass through a cave or a cathedral.  For me its a natural language- experiential, emotional, not in the least literal.  Its not just saying 'there is space between these two blocks', its the acual emotion of the shape and the emptiness not the information, or the data.  Thats what are has to do.  If it doesnt touch us emotionally, its no good. "

bruce beasley

Bruce Beasley was born in Los Angeles in 1939 and lives and works in Oakland.  He  is one of today's most noteworthy, innovative sculptors  of our time. Technology has driven Bruce's work to explore the new language that computers, and mechanical technology has afforded us in the 21st century.   Bruces' ability to connect the dots so to speak,  with shapes speaking a language of the new.   Always an explorer, Bruce takes this visual dynamic course and reveals an insightful meaning to form and emotion.