"People begin life like newly treaded tires but as life continues, experience wears down their vitality much as the tread on tires wears smooth."

Chakaia BooKer

In 2005, Chakaia Booker received a Guggenheim Fellowship in recognition of the expressive power and conceptual breadth of her sculptural works constructed from old rubber tires. Proclaimed "the Queen of Rubber Soul" by Lilly Wei Booker began using her trademark material in the mid-1990s.  Her sculptures are widely exhibited and collected. The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Jersey City Museum, and Storm King Art Center all have recently presented one person exhibitions of her work. It has been said of her work that it is an esthetic response to the urban landscape of northern New Jersey and a reference to African identity. The sculpture of Booker is exploratory; it addresses universal themes, its context extends from the monumental 20th century sculptural tradition and many broad cultural issues of our times.