"During my career, I spent many hours traveling, where I observed the panoramic beauty of our country. The views of landscapes and buildings has influenced my approach to the way my abstract paintings come together. "

CHarles Pfitzer

I began my love of art when I took a class at Brainerd High School. My 1st Art Teacher, Mary Fulgum, had a lasting influence on me. When I went to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, I majored in Art Education and took as may Fine Arts Classes as I could. The summer after I graduated, I was offered a Fellowship to pursue my MFA at UTK. I spent the next 3 years developing my approach to painting under the influence of Walter Stevens, Whitney Leland, and Carl Sublett. After Graduation, I spent the next 6 years in New Orleans painting and working in a gallery. From there, I moved to California, where I continued to work. Around 1998, my art work at that time took a back seat to my career and I continued to paint, but did not do a lot of exhibiting. I moved a couple of more times and finally retired and returned to Chattanooga in 2013, where resumed my art career full time. In addition to watercolor, I make pottery.