" The question of creating presence with absence continues to be an ongoing investigation relative to understanding psychological perspectives. What we don’t see is as important as what we see. The “chair”, has evolved by transforming meaning through psychological perspectives providing a frame of reference, an identity, and basis for communication to occur."

Gary Kulak

Gary Kulak is the Head, Fine Arts Department Cranbrook Schools. Born the son of a Pittsburgh steelworker in 1952, he works from 3 studios in (Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, and Frankfort) in Michigan.. Gary achieved his BFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1975 and his MFA from Hunter College in NYC in 1983. Mr. Kulak studied with and assisted many accomplished artists including John Henry, Sol Lewitt, John Mason, Robert Morris, Alice Aycock, and Lyman Kipp. Gary continues his life-long exploration of the chair form through multiple materials steel, bronze, wood, and most recently 3D printing.