"My work that I present to you is a visual and emotional vocabulary that is expressed using the natural elements of our earth, recognizable forms and the juxtaposition of these forms to create meaning."

The nature of my goals for art is to reflect my own aesthetic views, concepts and sincerity of expression. My journey began when I left my hometown of Jish, in 1967. My vision, goal and dream is to become an active voice out of this relatively invisible place. Therefore, there is no choice but to continue my intended journey and to give to my community in the East and West a feeling of accomplishment and pride. I am emotionally motivated to be creative and a contributor to humanity. For me sculpture and research is an opportunity I cannot ignore. 

My work that I present to you is a visual and emotional vocabulary that is expressed using the natural elements of our earth, recognizable forms and the juxtaposition of these forms to create meaning. The sphere, circle, cube, square and organic forms are positioned and used. The various textures across the sculpture’s surface represent growth and change and how humanity occupies the earth. I believe all these sculptures fully develop my ideas of combined materials to express universal concepts .

I discovered a natural organic quality in bronzeiron and Alumunim cubes and hemispheres, since they are directly carved. Layers are cut in the sand mold to produce the open lattice patterns in the many small spherical and cubes metal sculptures. My latticework is the crystallization of the materials, the natural process of growth and distribution--the control as well as the freedom. The power of these forms in cast bronze, aluminum and iron comes from their existence in nature. In the piece entitled A moment of divide, for example, one sees a slab of slate, which intersects the bronze sphere. What you see is an aggressive division of the right and left hemispheres by that slate. The division is day and night, the division of time, the time of growth, the time it will take these two hemispheres to have grown and finished the task. This intersection or division seems to have grown in the same way that a mountain emerges.    

I discovered new possibilities for an organic aesthetic in the casting of iron, with its highly polished surface. I enjoy the process of casting because most of the sculptureI do not finish and simply rely upon their natural beauty as cast.  Iron, It makes one think of the relationships and oppositions between natural and man-made productions.

Hanna Jubran

Hanna Jubran received his M.F.A. in Sculpture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is currently a Sculpture Professor at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. Hanna’s work addresses the concepts of time, movement, balance and space. Each sculpture occupies and creates its own reality influenced by its immediate surroundings. The work does not rely on one media to evoke the intended response, but takes advantage of compatible materials such as wood, granite, steel, stainless steel, iron and bronze. Hanna regularly participates in International art shows, competitions and symposiums. Some of his most recent activities are: The creation of “A Monument to a Century of Flight” in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina; The International Sculpture Biennale, Chaco, Argentina; The Elements of the Earth Symposium at Pedvale Sculpture Park, Sabile, Latvia, The International Wood carving Symposium, St. Blasien, Germany; The International Sculpture Symposium in Pirkkala, Finland; Tultepec, Mexico Monumental Sculpture Symposium; The international sculpture symposiums in: Jish, Israel; Ma’llot, Israel; Cayo Largo, Cuba; Granby, Canada; Kemijarvi, Finland; The international Sculpture Symposium and Conference in Europas Parkas, Vilnius, Lithuania and The Toyamura International Sculpture Biennial at Toyamura Japan-where he received semi-grand prize. Every symposium Hanna participates in, the sculpture created is retained as part of the town or organizations permanent collection. Hanna is consistent in his pursuit of creating enjoyable sculptures for private and corporate collections.