" Steel and granite seem to be the absolute opposite as they also greatly differ in weight, surface, and coloring. Nevertheless, in my sculptures they find a mutual conditional togetherness. Steel resting on granite and vice versa, one shape carrying the other. No foundation and no center are found. My idea is to exhibit an exact balance in space. But the spectator should be enhanced an animated to experience the free game of these two powerful elements."

Hartmut Stielow

Stielow was born in Benthe/Hannover, Germany, and he continues to reside in that area of the country. From 1977 to 1983, he studied at the Hochshule de Künste in Berlin, receiving a promotion to Meisterschueler of Prof. Bernhard Heiliger toward the end of that period. An active promoter of contemporary arts, Stielow took part in establishing the Sculptors Group ODIOUS with five others in 1982. For the past ten years, Stielow has lectured at the Werkakademie für Gestaltung, Hannover, Germany. The Darmstädter Sezessions Prize was awarded to this artist in 1996. Stielow has also been an advisor to the boards of trustees for various foundations in Germany.