"As an engineer, I Closely communicate with the environment, observing the perpetual confrontation and tension between resistance and harmony, technology and humanity.  The artistic expression of these constant influences and emotions and their conversion into creative energy is my Passion and allows me to escape from the pressures of the day to day life. "


Born in 1947, Heinz is a Swiss artist, engineer and entrepreneur.  For many decades he was the chairman of the family-owned road construction and asphalt company Aeschlimann, AG and today runs three companies of his own. Since 1970, he has been creating sculptures using various different materials (steel, iron, steel cable, mastic asphalt and more) and of different sizes from small to monumental works.  Some of his pieces now form part of renowned collections both at home and abroad.  Aeschlimann has frequently been invited to participate in various exhibitions in the USA, Europe and Asia.  The artist lives and works in Switzerland.