"It took a while for me to figure out my quest, and then it was even harder to figure out how to reach my goal. When I was younger, I was filled with impetuous passion to make my dream paintings right away. Whenever I felt lost, one particular Zen poem helped me to persevere and provided me food for thought. The poem says it is impossible to get to the destination in reality, but the destination does exist and only my heart knows how to get there."

Jae Hahn

Jae Hahn is a Korean-born artist living in Los Angeles. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree majoring in painting at UCLA in 1977. She considers her life to consist of two parts. The first being her 20 formative years in Korea, and the following 30 years in Los Angeles.

Hahn’s search to find her own identity and cultural heritage resulted in studying Oriental philosophy, but more specifically, Taoism and Zen Buddhism. She produced oriental brush paintings for her parents in order to survive in the U.S.

She later focused on figure painting and consolidating what she learned from all schools of masters. The first was about structure from cubism. Next were the dynamic color studies of Matisse, and third, the freedom of spontaneous gestural strokes found in Abstract Expressionism.

During the late 1990’s, Hahn experienced her own Renaissance. Her paintings took on a new life, with more activity and interlocking positive and negative space, and varying textures (“folding”) and irregular shapes. This resulted in the Unfoldings series, which encompasses Hahn’s artistic attributes of color and form, surface layered depth of field, sculpture, geometry and structure.