"As a sculptor, i am interested in exploring several aspects of three dimensional space in my work: the interaction of POSITIVE and negative spaces; the difference between frontal and side views; and the play of shadows on the surfaces surrounding the object."

Jane Manus

Jane Manus began her studies at the Art Institute of Boston in the 1970's. During this period, she learned to weld metal into sculpture, which she described as a breakthrough in her artistic career. Her work eventually evolved into the current medium in which she works exclusively, which is aluminum. 

Her vibrant sculptures seamlessly integrate disparate elements of geometry, thereby truly transforming the spaces that they inhabit. Dynamic shapes and massive forms penetrate the viewer’s space, and seem to move and change in appearance due to their extreme three- dimensionality. Abstract though they are, Manus’ sculptures also retain an unyielding expressive character that gives each work a life and spirit of its own.

Manus is primarily interested in the exploration of several aspects of three dimensional space. She studies the interaction of positive and negative space, the variation between each angle, and the  play of shadows on the surfaces surrounding each object. Her finished works are abstract and minimal, with bold color and highly finished, tactile surfaces with architectural integrity. She focuses on harmony and the environment and the way it balances with human form.