"The journey is as important to me as the end result."

Joel Perlman

Joel Perlman began creating complex sculptures in the early 1970's, during a period where minimalism dominated the art world. His industrial metal sculptures extend the limits of art into complete original works that hold an unexpected motion and energy. Hissculptures seem to revolve in space and propel forward. The angled and circular elements are hand welded or cast in ways that recall early constructivist works. His work is exhibited worldwide and represented in museums, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C., The Storm King Art Center, and The Utsukushi-Ga-Hara Open Air Museum, Japan.

"My sculpture is about weight, motion, balance, shape, process, material  space and scale. There is an element of danger, an awareness of history and an unpredictability. It is intuitive,  an extension of myself. I never plan ahead. The journey is as important to me as the end result."