My experience of making art is mostly about connecting to a history of the ways we communicate.  My images are vignettes of the way my brain works, the way I see, the way I think. In all of the kineticism of moving through life there are distinct moments of complete stillness and insight, little focused singularities that take me out of myself and into a shared or archetypal experience that is outside of time.  

Katherine  henry

Katherine grew up in the studios of artists and in the company of those that work in the arts. It never really occurred to her that a life outside of the arts was an option and she has worn many hats in the art world, from administrator to educator and myriad other titles in between.

From a very early age, Katherine has been making images.  Her work has been in gallery and juried exhibitions and both her two- and three- dimensional work is in collections throughout the US and in Europe.  

Katherine now lives in rural Vermont and runs two companies;  Atelier Annex, dedicated to fine home decor by artists and artisans and Arcadia Park Designs, her home textile studio, as well as her fine art darkroom and print studio, Katherine Henry Photography (not to be confused with the Boston based boudoir photographer of the same name!).