"As an artist I feel it is my obligation/duty to build ideas which inspire thought. I have chosen to live my life working to help instill these principles – communication through visuals - into others."


STRETCH has always had an addiction to being creative. As celebrity chef and sculptor, STRETCH’s artistic passion led him to his studies at Kansas City Art Institute. It was there that he truly began experimenting with food to meet his college bills. Thus began his future of creating food and art. He pursued his Masters of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth, where he sculpted by day and worked as chef and bartender at night. After connecting with a show rock-n-roll performance band, STRETCH began touring, traveling and creating sculptures across the globe. Over the past 25 years, he has built large-scale sculptures under the tutelage of renowned artists, Dale Eldred, Jim Leedy, Mark Di Suvero and John Henry. He has received numerous commissions for airports, college campuses and city sculpture parks all over the world. 

As a celebrity chef, STRETCH has opened several locations of Grinders restaurants. Each location represents an accumulation of his travels through a fusion of food, art and music. His restaurants have gained worldwide attention and have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and the Travel Channel. STRETCH’s dedication to service has been seen in his support of the military through Messlords, which provides entertainment and a culinary experience to US Troops globally.

STRETCH’s work uses a variety of techniques and mixed media, which includes woodcut prints, welding and glass casting.